It’s been quite some time since RipTen’s Game of the Year 2010, Super Meat Boy, was released and took the world by storm.

The brutally hard and damn near perfect side scrolling platformer stands as a testament to independent game design and old school fun.

Half of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen has been putting the finishing touches on his latest game, “The Binding of Isaacwhich will be released on Steam in the coming weeks.

However, it seems that since that is out of the way, Edmund and the other half of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes, are finally getting to work on the second official Team Meat Game!!

This news comes in the wake of people who keep assuming that The Binding of Isaac is a Team Meat game, when in fact it’s an Edmund side project with famed flash programmer Florian Himsl.  It also features music from our good buddy  Danny Baranowsky. (who composed the equally awesome Super Meat Boy soundtrack)  d^__^b

As for when we’ll get some details about the game?

Silly Tommy.  Who goes to Hawaii instead of designing games?!

Anyhow, as for what the game might play like?  One fan has an idea…

Stay tuned to RipTen for continued coverage of just what Team Meat is “actually” working on.