It seems lightning ‘can’ strike the same place twice. If you were lucky enough to be invited to participate in Beta Testing Weekend #1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare Community Manager Stephen Reid today announced you’ll have a second chance to tinker with their highly anticipated MMO.

All those involved in the first beta test have been re-invited to a future Beta Testing Weekend at some point in the future, due to BioWare‘s feeling that the beta testers may not have had an optimal testing experience. Issues with invites and an inability to access the client for some people seem to be the primary reason behind this decision. While this is great news for the first batch of beta testers, others who weren’t quite so lucky and missed out on the initial weekend are crying foul.

It’s important to note that future beta weekends will still be taking place with new groups of testers accessing a later build and in greater numbers than before. Stephen Reid reiterated BioWare’s policy of a single beta weekend for each testing group and assured hopeful applicants that there would be opportunities in the future. The full post with additional details can be read here.

For now, if you’ve spotted an email from BioWare in your inbox, it looks like you’ll be able to explore the planets of SWTOR again soon. Perhaps even for the first time, if you were one of those affected by the problems from the first beta weekend. As for everyone else eagerly awaiting their chance, you’ll just have to keep on waiting a little longer.