Darkfall’s highly anticipated new Siege System has been deployed on live servers today, completely revamping siege mechanics. The plan was outlined a few months ago and today specifics were revealed, giving players something to pore over while necessary server maintenance is underway.

Siege mechanics are an integral part of what Darkfall has to offer, with these changes designed to further refine and improve the experience.

Here are the changes below:

Resource changes:

  • Clan-stone hamlet, health decreased.
  • Clan-stone city, health increased.
  • Small siege-stone, health decreased.
  • Small siege-stone, maximum binds increased.
  • Large siege-stone, health decreased.
  • Medium siege-stone now “useless”, can be sold back to NPC Vendors for full-refund.
  • New item – protection shard small, gives 3 hours protection from siege initiation.
  • New item – protection shard large, gives 6 hours protection from siege initiation.
  • Both protection shard items can be purchased from Councillor NPC in racial capitals
  • Protection shards must be activated near the clan-stone of the holding to be protected, by a high-ranking clan member of the clan who owns the holding, and only that holding will be protected
  • Protection shard items share a clan-wide 24-hour cool-down (ie. only 1 can be used, per clan, per 24 hours)
  • Clan-city barrels prop, health decreased.

Activation timers added to dungeon portals and clan teleportation chambers -To activate a portal you will need to stand still for 10 seconds after using it.