It’s been a while since i Love Katamari first hit the iPhone in 2008, and it looks like we’ve got another rainbow fest from Namco Bandai in the works.

On September 29, the King of All Cosmos will return to the iOS with a brand new adventure for fans of this quirky little series. Play as the Prince once more, rolling up the world in the hopes of creating the largest possible katamari because… that’s just what you do. Katamari Amore features 24 missions, four modes (Story, Time Attack, Exact Size Challenge, Eternal Mode), and an extra Pac-Man level. Amore will be available as a “fremium” title on iPad and iPhone, but players will be able to unlock the full version for $3.99, a discounted launch price.

Players will have multiple controller options, including a virtual control pad (double or single depending on the user’s preference) or Accelerometer. Content packs and additional stages are confirmed for future release, but dates and details have yet to be revealed.

This pleases us.