Ah, the Epic conclusion to one of the greatest gaming series of this generation has arrived!  Read our Gears Of War 3 review. If you are looking for the secrets and Easter eggs found in , we’ve got the guide for you.

Guide will be updated if more secrets are discovered. If you have found some we don’t have, feel free to share in the comment section.

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Secrets and Easter Eggs:

Talking Cole Train Thrashball Table

  • You can find a few of these arcade tables throughout the game. The first one is in Act 1 Chapter 1 in the lounge.  Simply press the X button to hear the Cole Train Yell a few of his more famous quotes. Wooooo!

Free Candy

  •  After walking past the Thrashball machine, a cut-scene will introduce Jace. The scene shows Jace hitting a vending machine, trying to get the final chocolate bar to fall out.
  • When play resumes, simply walk up to the machine and press X to kick it. The candy  drops out and Marcus will say “Mine now.”

Dancing Pimp Wretch Easter Egg and Fire Extinguisher
Follow these Steps:

  • Initiate a private match with two players on Checkout. (Note, one player must commit to holding the Extinguisher while the other does all the shooting. If the extinguisher is put  down it disappears)
  • Pull one of the 3 fire Alarms – Opens gate to electronics section
  • There is debris blocking door. You will need to shoot the other side of the door (please watch video).
  • Grab Fire Extinguisher that appears. Doing this sets the fire alarm in pharmacy on fire.
  • Put the buring fire Alarm Out. Doing so makes a cart with a red pimp hat appear outside the bars.
  • Shoot the red pimp hat in cart and the hat explodes then suddenly appears behind a window.
  • Shoot pimp hat behind the window until it explodes and a car near the ‘Closing Down Sale Everything Must Go’ sign catches on fire. Griffin’s cane appears near the exit .
  • Extiguish the car fire and the cane now appears in the bathroom. Shoot it until it disappears and bleeds.
  • Go to electronics area and extinguish an electrical box which is on fire. This will burst open a door in the section where you first grab the extinguisher. Look and you will see a Pimped out wretch dancing while wearing the red hat and holding the cane.

Slide Down the Playground Slide as Cole

  • On Act 1 Chapter 3, Cole Train can use the slide in the children’s playground. Wooo!

Cole Train Hanover Cougar Hat and Talking Cereal Display

Cole’s Cougar hat can be found in two places both during Act 1 Ch 3 (You can only wear one and only Cole can wear it). The two locations are shown in the two videos after the descriptions.

  • One is found before right before the playground in the back of  a pick-up truck. You can wear the hat backwards or forwards.
  • The second is after you have passed the checkout section in the grocery store area, you will find some sports goods on the right side and see the smaller Cole Train Cereal display between two vending machines. You Can make the Cole display say  his cereal advertisement and after a few times it will say his intercom message to the Locusts from Gears 2.

Ticker Fight Hidden Cutscene

  • On Act 2 Chapter 4, Trench Run, when you enter the area with all of the Tickers in cages (the ‘Pet Store’) clear out all of the enemies and then look for a boarded up area with a Ticker painted on it by the entrance door.
  •  Near this is a yellow light. Approach it and hit X when prompted to see a hidden cutscene.

Gridlock Pigroast 

  • Head up the stairs in the tower area and look through the boards and chains and you’ll see a fire.
  • Shoot the Ash People in the foreground and the fire will be revealed — it’s a pig roast! Shoot the handle to rotate the spit.

“Mad World” Song on Gridlock 

  • Load up a Game of Execution or Warzone (The Game mode does not matter as long as it is a Multiplayer varient) with one A.I Bot
  • Kill the Bot without any of the Ash statues being destroyed
  • NOTE: Destroying any of the ash statues will stop this Easter Egg from triggering
  • Enjoy.

Dom and Maria Photo and Audio Clip on Mercy

  • Set up a multiplayer game on Mercy (preferably with  friends )
  • Head to the chapel in the south.
  • Along the back wall, there is a platform with a few books and unders stained glass widows. When the chapels bells ring a photo of Dom and Maria will appear.
  • Shoot the photo and you’ll hear Dom crying

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    • Ya, it’s been 2 weeks and still not updated also; the sawed off chicken, and there’s 2 Cluckshots known so far, for the ticker fight scene Easter egg there is an alternate one that appears at random and there’s one for doing 4 player insane co-op