Update:  A Blizzard rep has told IGN that there will be NO Titan announcement at BlizzCon this year.  Lame.

Diablo III has just been delayed and The Old Republic is set to take on World of Warcraft this holiday season.  Blizzard needs to amp up not only their fans, but Acti-Blizz stockholders.  What can they do?

Reveal Titan.

Not long ago, Blizzard revealed that Titan was the codename for their next gen mmo and if this leaked timetable is correct, it will release sometime in 2013.

Well, according to industry analysts, BlizzCon 2011 might be just the right time and place for the big reveal.

Just recently, M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon told VentureBeat:

“If they are holding any juicy details, it’s going to be announced at BlizzCon.  The big news is probably going to be a Diablo 3 date and a possible new announcement about one or more new properties.”

Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences board member and VP of Biz Dev at Double Fine, Zack Karlsson, also told VB that Blizzard may want to move to counter the launch of The Old Republic:

“If I’m them, I park it right on top of some big (The Old Republic) announcement.  I’d want (The Old Republic) to spend something big, drop some cashand then run right over them and trump marketing dollars with PR.”

Stay tuned to RipTen as we head to BlizzCon 2011 to get word straight from the Metzen‘s mouth.  We’ll be holding our breath.