BioWare Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berryman has acknowledged the issue with the following response:

Hello everyone. We’re aware of the e-mails that are being reported and will have more information for you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Moments ago, BioWare’s forums for Star Wars: The Old Republic were rendered temporary unavailable due to heavy load. This appears to have been caused by an error in regard to beta invite emails. Users have been reporting they have received two emails from BioWare – one hoping that they’re enjoying testing the game and that they should fill in a survey, the other one reminding them to pre-order. Unfortunately, those receiving these emails were not invited to test the beta in the first place!

Understandably, this influx of emails raised the hopes of many users, who flocked to the forums to question, query and complain about the situation.  Tensions are running high on the forums with users making their displeasure known with posts such as the below:


I’ve been opted in for beta testing since they first announced the kinect. I remember the day well. How could you be so foolish as to send an email like that out. That is sick and cruel. I’m growing more and more upset with you Bioware. Give me a freaking beta invite already. It’s been so many years…. this is stupid!


I’d like to either congratulate Bioware for a successful troll or give my commiserations to the employee who is currently getting chewed out for an incredible fail.


Great marketing hype by the company. Stephen Reid and his team have very unorothodox but smart PR strategies.

Despite that last sarcastic post, this is definitely not the type of publicity BioWare wants. I assume a statement of some sort will be made tomorrow to address the issue. In the mean time, the forums continue to be flooded posts relating to the issue. For what it’s worth, there is a thread with over 100 pages worth of comments on the issue, and should you wish to add yours to it, BioWare would probably appreciate it being posted in there as opposed to yet another thread being spawned.

I Think I'd Like To Have Been Invited To The Beta...


  1. HA! This made me lol, I got this email on my smart phone in a car, when it notified me I was like wait, DID I MISS THE INVITE. I am somewhat happy now, that I did not miss the beta because of my own stupidity or something, and hey I doubt it but maybe Bioware will do something cool for the community.