A few weeks ago, we reported that Catwoman may be getting not one, not two, but four episodes worth of DLC in Batman: Arkham City. It looks like some ounce of that is true, as PS3Trophies.org has the Arkham City Trophy List. What’s interesting about it is that under the DLC section, there are trophies for Nightwing, who’s basically Robin 2.0.

It looks like, contrary to what some of us were thinking, Catwoman’s missions won’t be right on the disc. Rather, they’ll come in the form of download codes with new copies of the game. Hooray. No word yet on if Nightwing or Robin challenge maps will have the same treatment, but we’ll keep you posted.

Batman: Arkham City hits stores in two weeks, but is this new DLC information making you re-think your future purchase?