Sure you’ve heard it before, but this time it’s no rumor.  According to a French press release kit for Halo: Cryptum, a movie is planned for 2012 with Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks attached.

As clearly stated in the press release:

“A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.”

Sure we’ve heard it before and we know that Spielberg has shown interest in making a Halo film for at least a couple of years. 343 and Dreamworks have been contacted but have not responded. Leave it to the French to out such a secret.

Source: HBO via NeoGAF


  1. I wonder if it’ll cover the entire storyline with the books and the games, or certain parts. Maybe there will be multiple movies. Hopefully there will be more information when it’s officially announced.