L.A. Noire was looking like top dog when it first hit the stores earlier this year. Stellar reviews and great sales indicated that this ship would sail with no troubles, but fate had other plans. Developer Team Bondi has had pile upon pile of crap thrown at them the past few months since it came out that employees were being mistreated. Just a few weeks ago, the Australian developer was handed the killing blow when they were announced to be closing down. To make matters worse, it looks like they owe their employees a lot of money from unpaid wages. How much, you ask? Over $1 million.

Documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investigation Commision list off some of the company’s creditors. The Commision currently has a liquidator selling off Bondi’s remaining assets to pay off said creditors, and interestingly enough, some of the creditors are former employees. In addition to studio head Brendan McNamara, who’s claimed that he’s owed $102,495, there’s general manager Vicky Lord, gameplay lead David Heironymusplus Depth Analysis, McNamara’s company that was responsible for Noire‘s animation technology that everyone loved to death. Their creditor claim is $145,795.83.

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[Via GameInformer]