has announced that Brock Lesner will be playable in marking the return of a phenom to the company (in video game form) that made him “The Next Big Thing.”

In early 2002 Brock Lesner was hyped as “The Next Big Thing” and boy did he deliver. As a physically massive genetic freak, Lesner brought his amateur wrestling championship background (2000 NCAA Heavyweight wrestling champions) and dominated the WWE becoming the youngest Champion ever.

His dominance didn’t end with wrestling. After a brief stint in trying out for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, in which he made it to the final cut despite never playing organized football, he focused on Mixed Martial Arts and became the UFC heavyweight championship after just four fights.

Rumors have been heard that he may make a true WWE comeback as well, but we know for sure that he will be playable in WWE ’12 when it releases on Nov. 22nd. Watch the trailer below.