“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

In half-shame and surprise, I dropped the controller. The white 360 controller thudded onto the wooden table and all was still for a moment. Cheeks flaming, I couldn’t look into my friend’s eyes. I had just done the unforgivable and been caught in the act.

“Are you PC gaming with a Xbox controller?!”

Yes. I was cross-dabbling console gaming with PC gaming, the dirtiest sin in my PC purist friend’s eyes.

“…Yes.” I muttered. My eyes were still glued to the floor.

“Sinner!” he hissed in disgust.



And so now I take more care in making sure I’m completely alone before I plug my controller into my computer than most pre-pubescent boys do with their parents when they want to watch porn.

To be fair, I was playing Hunted: The Demon’s Forge at the time, and my God are that game’s keyboard-and-mouse controls fucked. And let’s be honest. Console control schemes for hack ‘n slash games are usually much more intuitive than those for PC. On the flipside (to appease you ‘PC gaming master race’ types), I would never opt to play a first person shooter on a console over a PC. The joystick is much more unwiedy than a mouse for the aiming reticule, so much so that an average PC gamer can probably outplay pro-360 and PS3 gamers.

Well, Japanese videogame peripheral company Hori has the same idea that I had in mind with Hunted… in reverse. Cross-platform gaming between console gamers and PC gamers for first person shooters haven’t happened so far, simply because it’s so much easier to aim with a mouse.

So why not endow the same advantages that PC gamers have to console gamers? That’s exactly Hori’s plan. Yup. Hori has come up with the Tactical Assault Commander 3 mouse, which is a PC gaming mouse and keyboard set for the PS3, specifically for the purpose of playing first person shooters. The device is set for a release in November at ¥9,800, or roughly $127 for those not of the Asian persuasion.

I doubt you’ll be cross-platform gaming with this any time soon, but this surely will turn you from being a FPS console noob into a bloody pro, you cheater, you.

[Via Andrisang]


  1. This thing should be illegal! Im a ps3 and pc fps gamer and I know that im much faster and better on the pc, there’s no way that rich scrubs should get an advantage over other ps3 gamers by basically turning their ps3 into a pc with this horrid thing. BAN IT!