When I hear the words “Donal Duck cosplay,” a very specific image comes to mind. I picture a snapshot of Disneyland, mascot characters ambling through the dense crowds, posing for photo ops as they pantomime their feelings for tiny, overjoyed guests. Hopie’s interpretation, however, is something vastly different and infinitely awesome. What’s more, this particular iteration comes from Kingdom Hearts, I series I can’t help but love. Especially when there are fans like this bringing the game to life.

Perhaps I owe much of my fascination to the group as a whole, for where would Donald be without Goofy and Sora? It’s not a literal translation of the character model, but it works perfectly. I’d go so far as to call it better than an exact replica.  Also, the duck-butt. Something so seemingly daunting has become a wonderful interpretation of a much-loved character. She made it hers, but kept the icon intact. It’s a type of awe I can barely describe because I thought this character was downright impossible to pull off without a professional-grade, mascot suit.  But I’ll never tire of cosplayers like Hopie proving me wrong.