As I sit here and work away tirelessly on my next hands-on preview of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the least I could do for you in the meantime is provide you with some new visual imagery to whet thine appetite.


What we have here are many things.  First and foremost, that Assassin style slow mo stealth kill screenshot is amazing.  Whoever capped that, you have my thanks.  Next up we have a magnificent Aurora Borealis from the Northern Coast.  We also have shots of the Marshlands and the Tundra as well as a lovely shot of an Orc guard… guarding something.  There’s also a shot of a standing stone of Magicka and a rather intimidating looking screenshot of a Draugr Lord thrown in for good measure.  I’ve also included that shot from last week of a bound bow being  fired at a bear, because it’s quite awesome and I intend to find it ASAP when I finally have the full game in my hands.

Last but not least we have a shot of a guard standing in the southernmost town of Riften, which was clearly named after RipTen.

For more on Skyrim be sure to check out the last batch of screens and my last preview.

Stay tuned this week for my latest preview which will detail my adventure to the Northernmost reaches of Skyrim to the College of Winterhold.