The best thing about video games is that you’re able to get away with any kind of crazy crap you want. No genre knows that better than the fighting genre. No one batted an eye when Kratos entered Mortal Kombat, or when Yoda, Vader, and Starkiller duked it out in Soul Calibur IV.

If what we’re hearing is true, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed may be joining the lineup of Soul Calibur V. The photo above was taken at a recent fighting game event. There’s no word on if the character is exclusive to one console or if he’ll be included in the game day one, but we’ll keep you posted. What I want to know is, when Ezio takes a guy down, is he going to talk to them before they get KO’d?

[Via Joystiq]


  1. Ezio is one of my favorite video game characters to date.  If he is added so SC5, I might actually start playing the series haha.  Otherwise its back to the Capcom fighters!