Hot off the presses are four new screens for Rockstar’s long awaited Max Payne 3.

After seeing the game in action for ourselves at New York Comic Con, our hype levels for MP3 have hit critical mass and we can’t wait to be diving around in Bullet Time on Max’s dark and dangerous new adventure.

For those of you who are looking to catch up after Max Payne 2, here’s the rundown from Rockstar:

Max Payne 3 takes place several years after the events of Max Payne 2. Still haunted by his past, Max leaves the NYPD and the United States to take a job in executive security and protection at the suggestion of Raul Passos, a former acquaintance from his early days on the police force.Max ultimately finds himself in SãoPaulo, Brazil, working to protect the wealthy Branco family consisting of Rodrigo, a real estate mogul and his two brothers; Victor, who’s an accomplished local politician and Marcelo, a party-loving Euro-trash playboy.  But when Rodrigo’s wife Fabiana is kidnapped by members of the Comando Sombra gang while under Max’s protection, all hell breaks loose and Max finds himself caught up in something much larger than a simple kidnapping. Alone in a strange country, Max is quickly in over his head in an extremely volatile city.

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