Little-known indie gem World of Warcraft is in the news again. Blizzard, a tiny speck of a developer based out of Irvine, California is holding some sort of small convention for its few but loyal fans.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming WoW expansion Mists of Pandaria.

Check out the Mists of Pandaria features.

And finally, 12-month WoW subscribers get Diablo III for free. I don’t how a beginning developer like Blizzard is going to get off the ground when they’re just giving away games.

Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for wrapping up the work day. You don’t want to think anymore, you just want to look at awesome things. And there’s nothing more awesome than a well crafted piece of videogame fan art. If you don’t agree, what the hell are you doing at a gaming blog?

Arsenal21 could teach Stephanie Meyers a thing or two about werewolves.