Good cosplay. Good cosplay never changes. Wait… no. It just gets better. Hey, you knew that line was going to show up here sooner or later. I just went with sooner. So I’ve been spending my time wandering the wastes in search of those punks who put a bullet in my brain pan and dug me a shallow grave, which means Fallout: New Vegas cosplay is the top query in my browser search history. I came across  Kai “Grimdarkkommisar” Norman’s DeviantArt and found that my hunger was suddenly sated. I’d seen his Warhammer work some time ago and was overjoyed to find a familiar franchise represented in his gallery.

Kai made the armor and trench coat himself, which look downright authentic will all the weathering and distressing he’s done. The helmet even has working lights, which are a must-have if you do most of your good deeds at night. Even if you don’t consider yourself loyal to the New California Republic, you’ve got to top your hat to amount of work that went into this costume. The final product is a fantastic recreation of an iconic design. Battle-worn fabric can sometimes come across as forced, with obvious scissored edges are too-carefully-placed burn marks, but this jacket looks authentically worn out. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Kai. Your cosplay is mighty fine.

Photos by Jim3535.