Sure, Serious Sam 3 isn’t out yet, but those indie games just keep on a comin’.

Today marks the launch of Vlambeer’s Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.  Yes, it’s an old school turn based RPG.  You know, like those Final Fantasy games you used to like…

The legendary Serious Sam reloads and rearms in an explosive, turn-based RPG developed by indie superstars Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing). Serious Sam: The Random Encounter follows Sam and his band of oddball mercenaries as they battle across a pixilated world teeming chaotic battles, hordes of bizarre creatures, and mysterious secrets. Choose your weapons and take aim at the most random Serious Sam adventure yet!

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is available on Steam right now for like $5.  Every time you buy it, an angel gets his wings… and a minigun.