Three more Passwords that unlock special characters in Pokémon Rumble Blast for the 3DS have been revealed.

Gallade – 3535-6928 (Strength- 1355, Found in Stage 4-2)

Oshawott – 7403-2240 (Strength – 651+, Found in Stage 2-4)

Tornadus – 0250-7321 (Strength – 934, Found in Stage 3-2)

Remember, these Passwords should be entered in the second town – Easterly Town. Just talk to the Munna there! Additionally while some of these Pokémon may seem like ones that were obtainable earlier in the game, it may not be possible to easily get them at this power level and the Pokémon may come with special moves or abilities not available for that Pokémon normally! So get going and enter those codes!

And don’t forget about the Pikachu Password I reported on last week either!

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