has released a new  trailer which features pimps, gimps and Burt F***ing Reynolds! He might not be Chuck Norris, but there are few other stars who could bring as much clout and character (Shatner, Hasselhoff, Billy Ray Cyrus ?)

Who will Burt Reynolds play? Himself of course, as the mayor of Steelport.

Watch the trailer below:

Pimps and Gimps
The Syndicate is comprised of ‘roided-out wrestlers, emo cyberpunks, and well-dressed Europeans. STAG is armed with hover jets, jet bikes, and a flying aircraft carrier. To take Steelport for the Saints and defeat your most dangerous/ridiculous enemies yet, you’re going to have to get creative. Assemble your team of pimps, gimps, zombies and, most importantly, the mayor of Steelport himself. Strap it on.