When I think of Isaac Clarke, I think of being bum-rushed by necromorphs and darkness. Also, space. Mix it all together and you’ve got the entirety of Dead Space 2. Shawn Thorsson seems to have an affinity for space zombies, since he went ahead and crafted this fantastic tribute to the ill-fated engineer.

Uh oh...

He’s tackled Spartan armor, Star Wars suits, and even paraded around as Boba Fett for a little while. Personally, I think his take on Isaac’s armor is the crowning glory of his collection. It lights up along the spine and in the mask, plus the armor looks like brushed metal, despite it actually being an amalgamation of plastic and various other materials. He details the entire process on his blog, which you should definitely check out if you decide to make your own. You’ll have the perfect Halloween costume for the rest of your life.


  1. Well done on the helmet especially! I’m just playing Dead Space again and it’s an awesome game. I’ll play Dead Space 2 right after! That is, until Skyrim is delivered.