Techno Viking says Skyrim must occur, therefore it shall. Yet we must still wait for 11/11/11 to arrive. In the meantime, I scour the net for any and all memes or videos that honor the upcoming release.  This mysterious meme has spawned dozens of videos splicing this footage with other music and content, but we all know that the best remix is an homage to Skyrim. For some reason, there’s a dog from Animal Planet in it too, but we don’t look into that. The man looks like a Nord, so it seems only appropriate that this meme has come to pass.

Watch and understand:

If you don’t get it, then you don’t love Skryim enough. Or the internet. Maybe you’d be better off watching some of these other mixes.

Techno Viking avenges ladies. Nyan style.

Check back next week for more videos we wish we’d been clever enough to make ourselves.