If you’re a PC gamer, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Razer.  You know, the guys who make those really sexy and expensive PC gaming peripherals.

Moreover, if you’re into the latest and greatest PC games, there’s a good chance you’ve been playing Battlefield 3.

Well, Razer, EA and DICE decided to get together and make a line of licensed BF3 peripherals.  Better yet, they sent them over to us to check out!  Huzzah!

Let’s see what we’ve got here…

First up is the Black Widow Ultimate Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Keyboard:

It’s the same as the original Black Widow, but it’s been pimped out BF3 style.


Here are the features:

  • Full mechanical keys with 50g actuation force (Truth)
  • Individually backlit keys with 5 levels of lighting (Yes)
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time (That sounds fancy)
  • Programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording (I can confirm this)
  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key (God I hate when that happens)
  • 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching (Yep)
  • 5 additional macro keys (It has them)
  • Gaming optimized key matrix for minimized ghosting (I don’t know what that means)
  • Multi-Media Controls (This is also good)
  • Braided cable (Wont tangle)
  • Audio-Out / Mic-In Jacks (Convenient)
Once again, it’s the same as a regular Imperator, but it features the now famous BF3 soldier emblazoned upon it:
The stats:
  • 6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System (Many DPIs)
  • Rubberized contoured thumb grip for added control (Always be rubberized)
  • Ergonomic right-handed design (What about leftys!)
  • Adjustable side buttons (That’s a good thing)
  • Razer Synapse Onboard Memory (It has it)
  • Up to 200 inches per second* /50g acceleration (IPS is a new metric)
  • Seven independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons (More than 6)
  • On-the-Fly Sensitivity adjustment (Word)
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet (Zero acoustic?)

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve also got the Razer Scarab Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Mouse Mat:

Out of all the things pictured above, this is the only one I opened and used immediately.  This thing is sexy, practical and looks amazing on my desk.  Dig it:


Now, should you spend $40 on a mouse pad?  That’s up to you.  But if you’ve got the green to shell out and want to dress up your desk in a practical and awesome way, you can’t go wrong with this mat.

  • Fractal 2.0 surface coating (I don’t know what that means)
  • Optimal performance for both laser and optical mice (This is true)
  • Hard mouse mat providing precise tracking (Sure, why not)
  • Improved rubber base for greater stability (It has not moved at all since I put it on my desk)
  • Large size suited for most gaming environments: 350(W) x 250(L) x 3(H)mm (It’s pretty big)
  • Reinforced carrying case for optimal stowing (yes, it comes with a case)

Last but not least we’ve got the Razer Onza Tournament Edition Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. (That’s a mouthful)

This is apparently for people who play Battlefield 3 on console or something…

  • 2 Adjustable resistance analog sticks (Nice)
  • 2 Multi-Function Buttons (MFB)
  • 4 backlit Hyperesponse action buttons (Cool)
  • Precision D-Pad (Precision!)
  • Non-slip rubber surface (Dat grip)
  • Quick release USB connector (Quick release, baby)
  • 15 foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable (Won’t tangle)
  • 2.5mm microphone jack (Convenient)
  • Approx. size in mm: 109(L) x 154(W) x 60.5(H) (Standard)
So there you have it.  All the awesome gear Razer makes your Battlefield 3 experience all that it can be.

However, there’s a chance you can’t afford all this stuff or haven’t been able to steal your mom’s credit card lately.  What a shame…

If only there was some gaming site that was giving it away… but who?!

Wait for it…

We are!


Prove to us that you’re a TEAM PLAYER in Battlefield 3 and you could win the Razer Black Widow Keyboard and Imperator Mouse pictured above!

Here’s The Rundown:

Upload a video, screenshot, or show us something awesome from your Battlelog that proves you know how to play Battlefield 3 as a team for the win!

You have until Sunday, November 13th to enter.

If for some reason you can’t upload or link them in the comments, shoot an email to Editors@RipTen.com or Tweet it @RipTen



  1. Me and my buddies went a full 9 games of straight wins by playing Squad Rush together. Our Battlelog was filled with nothing but wins and we got the ace squad ribbon and also got top 3 MVPs every, single, time :D

  2. As of now I have 8 Radio Beacon medals so far, which means 800+ squadmates spawned on my radio calls and brought the team that much closer to winning. :)

  3. I am a team medic I will run into the firefight to heal downed teammates,  I have a positive W/L ratio and I have the savior , avenger, and ace squad dog tags!

    (display name got messed up on Yahoo)

  4. I am a team medic I will run into the firefight to heal downed teammates,  I have a positive W/L ratio and I have the savior , avenger, and ace squad dog tags!

    (display name got messed up on Yahoo)

  5. Im a team player! Through teamwork with my friends we get Ace Squad numerous times! Also sometimes even with teamwork a friendly dies but I constantly avenge their deaths as often as I can. My savior ribbons show that I am always watching my teammates back! I feel I am a team player because isnt that what online games are about? Tactics are the key to success!

  6. Imo the stats doesnt show a real teamplayer… those who played more often receive more medals. Nethertheless this is my profile: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/Noyr/stats/234939371/
    I got e.g. over 10.000 heals, currently 100 Ace Squad Pins, 36x Medical + 30x Resupply Effieciency Ribbon.

    I’d rather say that i’m a teamplayer because:
    #1: I play the class/kit the team needs…. teams interest is more important than my personal interest, so I also suicide in order to get an engineers-kit to destroy a tank, etc.
    #2: I prefer to create tactics and work as a real team. You mostly dont experience that on public servers, thats why I setup huge wars like yesterdays 23vs23. I lead a group of international members in order to get the best gaming experience you can get. Of course you need to setup squadperks perfectly, overcome language barriers (yesterday we had members from 12 countries around the globe in our team):
    #3: I always play the objective, doesnt matter if its an MCOM in Rush or a Flag in Conquest. The teams success is my main interest, I do everything for it. Preferable with the help of clanmates+friends, which makes it easier in a  teambased game like Battlefield and also way more fun.
    Here are 2 Battlelog-Reports of me playing the Objective with clanbuddies (Krug + Carracci)
    #4: I dont care about my k/d. I am ofc rly gentle and give away kills in order to cheer up my teammates with a good k/d and therefore to keep up their moral to kill more and get better.
    I just take the killassist-points and smile about my teammates getting the kill and I get the message of “Kill Assist 100”.
    http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z382/NokyNor/assist95.png (This sadly only is 95, had the 100 only 4 times so far but havent been able to press PRINT in time).

    Hope i’ve shown you that i’m a real teamplayer now. 

    Have a nice evening.

  7. I am terribly sorry if this is too late (as for some reason, I was not able to upload an image last night). However, I do believe that I am the best Team Player because of my ability to freely and openly play any class that the squad needs in any given gametype. I showcase great ability in doing so, and the image attached shows some of that great skill (in this case, with the Recon Class on Operation Metro). My entire squad is showcased as the top contenders in this match (with the exception of O G K1LLER being the best Assault Class).

    Please consider me for this amazing giveaway. Thank you, Team RipTen!

    -Gamertag: Maxdoggy