It’s been a few months since Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was announced at E3, and news has been scarce. We know that the adventure brings Sly, Bentley and Murray back together, and that the adventure has them traveling through time. We’ve now got info on one of the areas the Cooper Gang will be going, and who they’ll be meeting along the way.

If you played the original Sly Cooper, you may remember Sly’s ninja ancestor Rioichi Cooper, creator of the Ninja Spire Landing and, in the game, sushi. Rioichi’s in a bit of a jam after being framed for poisoning the Shogun, so Sly and the gang decide to help him out. Later on, after you’ve freed him, Rioichi becomes a fully playable character, voiced by Steven Blum of Wolverine and Bulletstorm fame. Check out some new screenshots of Rioichi in action below: