The name Afterfall: InSanity not bringing anything to mind?

I’ll point you here to help you jog your memory a little bit.

With only 9 days left before Afterfall is supposed to launch, Nicholas Games has quite a ways to go to get to 10 million preorders. In fact, somewhere in the ballpark of 9.98 million preorders to get to their goal.

Maybe to get a few more preorders under their belt, Nicholas Games and CD Projekt Red have released a demo featuring the second and the 9th level of the game.

The demo features the main character Albert as he faces monsters in an apocalyptic world… oh and his own… insanity.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the demo just yet, but hell, if I were you, I’d throw Nicholas Games a bone and donate $1. Sure, the likelihood that they’ll get to 10 million preorders in 9 days is akin to Valve releasing Half Life 3 in the next year… but you never know.