14 new Pokémon Rumble Blast US Passwords have been discovered by fans!  That means that many of these codes haven’t even been officially released yet, but we’ve got them right here on RipTen.

Special thanks goes out to Jose Castillo and his friends for working hard to find these codes!  Be sure to check out his video below for even more passwords than I have listed here!

Thundurus – 8819-8699
Snivy – 0835-7338
Articuno -2364-4610
Eelektross – 2159-4650
Emboar – 5662-7748
Garchomp – 1959-4010
Groudon – 0681-1611
Lugia – 0442-4822
Moltres – 8714-7361
Samurott – 2452-2129
Serperior – 7111-4427
Stunfisk – 6482-3610
Unfezant – 4713-9936
Zapdos – 1675-4459

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