The Doctor and Shoshanna Make a Good Team

So, now that you know the cast and have seen the gameplay, let’s talk about how it all goes down.

The Vendettas campaign is comprised of missions that revolve around a supplementary story to The Darkness II.  While Jackie will allude to these characters and their missions during the main game, 2K explained that never will you have to pull yourself out of the main story and go play co-op in order to understand what is going on.   2K also said that if you play the main story first and then go play all of the co-op missions, you’ll simply get a better understaning of the overall storyline and have some fun along the way.  It’s in no way necessary, just supplementary.

We got to play a few co-op missions in our demo and each one mostly revolved around pushing toward objectives such as a certain power switch or gate that needed to be opened while fending off waves of enemies en route to our ultimate goal that was usually a minor story character such as the snitch from the trailer above.  It’s Spec Ops meets Horde Mode style gameplay.  It’s all very familiar territory but with the added twist of story elements, skill trees and a few Darkness powers thrown in for good measure.  It looks good, it feels good, and it all just kind of works.  While I couldnt get 2k to tell me just how many missions or how long the co-op campaign is, from what we played and from what they “could” tell me, I’d say you can expect a 4-6 hour campaign.

The Doctor Is In

We also got to play one of the Hit List missions.  These missions are much less story driven and are instead much more Horde Mode like.  Lots of linear movement and lots of waves of big bad Brotherhood goons coming at ya.  This one particular mission was mighty hard (even on easy) but none of our characters had been leveled into their skill trees yet, making it a subsequently harder experience.

Oh yes, did I mention that as you acquire dark essence thoroughout either mode that at he beginning of each level you will be able to purchase new abilities that carry over to the other modes with your character?  I probably should have mentioned that…  Well, the more you play, the more you can spec into your skill trees and the easier (and more fun) things will get.

Sure, I could go into specifics about the gameplay and how everything works, but quite frankly you can figure it all out in a matter of minutes.  If you’ve ever played any sort of co-op this generation, you’ll feel right at home and have plenty of fun with Vendettas in the Darkness II.  I sure as hell did.

Did I Mention That I Loved Shoshanna's Execution? Because I do.

For more on The Darkness II, stay tuned to RipTen for my upcoming interview with 2K Games and Digital Extremes about just how they managed to fit all this awesome content into the game… and why.

Oh, and for those of you worrying (and I know you’re out there) that the development of Vendettas has taken away from the attention given to the single player narrative of The Darkness II?  The game modes are being developed by separate studios.  Word.