E3 2012 early registration

Early registration for the 8th wonder of the gaming world, also known as 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), has begun.

Just how much will it cost to traverse the halls of the three day event? Well, if you dip into your pocket right now you’re looking at $795 with early registration … wait until April 24 to get in on the extraveganza and the price double jumps two bills up to $995. That’s a big meat-a-ball!

Is it worth your time? Better yet, is it worth your dime? We’re most likely looking at a large playable lineup for the Wii U, possible new system announcements from Microsoft and Sony, a saucy sampling of fully nude booth babes, crack cocaine as far as the eye can see, and creamy rivers of chocolate pudding. One can only dream.

My fat man feet are already in motion, pouncing like cheetahs in heat across the virtual treadmill that spins through my head. You can bet your candy ass I’ll be ready for all the huffing, puffing, … and even the occasional walking I’ll to have to do.

So pocket your cash, and tune into our coverage of the event. Your feet and wallet will thank you.

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