Are you the best around?  Is nothing ever gonna bring you down?  … do you have what it takes to make a Battlefield 3 video so good EA will let you show it to DICE, in person?!

You’d better hope so, because EA is having a contest.  Here’s the rundown:

Do you have what it takes to jump out of a jet into a helicopter, grab hold of the machine gun and take out an entire enemy platoon? From dodging RPGs and sniping a helicopter pilot to controlling tanks and leveling buildings, these types of unscripted moments are something that can only be found in one game – Battlefield 3. To celebrate Battlefield 3 and to thank the ever-growing Battlefield community, EA and DICE are proud to present the “Only in Battlefield 3” Community Video Challenge. Gamers from the world over are invited to capture their own, personal, amazingly epic Battlefield Moments and submit their killer video reel for the world to see. The player with the most impressive Battlefield Moments stands to win a trip to the historic Nordic city of Stockholm where they will visit the DICE studio and meet the game’s award-winning development team.

Starting on December 15, 2011 players can upload their HD videos to YouTube and email the link of their video to  prior to January 23, 2012 with the subject line “Only in Battlefield 3 Community Video Challenge” From there a jury consisting of the DICE Battlefield 3 team will select a shortlist of ten videos that will be posted in a dedicated playlist to the official Battlefield YouTube channel for the community to see and talk about. From that shortlist DICE will then hand select three winners, all of whom will each win two round trip tickets to Stockholm where they will receive three night hotel accommodations, sample the sights of the Swedish capital and visit the DICE studio to meet the makers of Battlefield 3.

To help you get started DICE has provided a Battlefield 3 asset pack including the iconic Battlefield 3 theme to act as the score to your video masterpiece available for download here.

We’re pretty sure this guy should have already won:

For full details on the “Only in Battlefield 3” Community Video Challenge in addition to the complete official rules please visit