Last year, Realtime Worlds released APB, an MMO meant for the Grand Theft Auto crowd. You’d think that an MMO where you got to play as cops or crooks would be awesome, right? Wrong. After 80 days, the game was shut down and Realtime closed down. But the story obviously doesn’t stop there.

Soon after, APB was purchased by GamersFirst and transformed into APB: Reloaded, a free to play MMO. After a beta that quickly gained players both old and new, the game has been doing pretty well. It’s already gotten in Steam’s most played charts, and has gained three million new registered users because of Steam. But the good news doesn’t stop there. If you can’t get on Steam, APB: Reloaded is coming to store shelves pretty soon. For $30, you can pick up this reborn crime MMO and live a life a larceny or protect and serve.

No word yet on when this will hit stores, but we’ll let you know when. If and when it comes, are you going to pick it up or keep going digital?

via [Joystiq]


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