There’s nothing better about a multiplayer game then getting to beta test it. Not only are you getting a first look at the game before the public, but you’re also help making the game better. If you’re in the private beta for LightBox’s Starhawk, you’ll be sad to hear that the beta will end on Tuesday, January 3. Sony sent a big shoutout on the Playstation Blog to all those who have played in the beta:

Warheads –

The time has come to say “thank you and good night!” As of Tuesday, January 3rd, the lights will go down on the Starhawk Private Beta. It’s been a wild, wild ride and we want to thank ALL the participants that took time out of their schedule to help us test Starhawk. We’ve learned an enormous amount and have applied much of it already. We’ve still got a long way to go but the leg up this info has provided us is incredibly valuable. The Private Beta was our first step to try out the game in the wild and it’s been simply awesome. And because of this success, we’ve decided to keep the Private Beta live through the holiday break. After all, what would ringing in 2012 be without a little Starhawk beatdown session?!!

Things don’t stop there, though. If you bought a copy of Uncharted 3, you’ll be pleased to hear this:

So what’s next? Why, the Public Beta, of course! In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the dates for this important step. Many more players will be allowed access, including the UNCHARTED 3 owners who received a Public Beta voucher when they purchased the game! Look for more information and specifics on the PlayStation.Blog very soon.

So hold on to your copies of Uncharted 3, folks. We’ll keep you posted on when a public beta’s coming. For those of you who got in on the private beta, how’s Starhawk shaping up? Leave your impressions in the comments below.

via [G4TV]