The Kid knew he could do it. Didn’t even have a doubt that Bastion would be a great success. And it was, selling 500,000 copies and gathering over 60 awards. Just in the time for the New Year. 

Supergiant Games announced just yesterday that with the recent Steam and XBLA sales, Bastion had hit the 500K mark. To top it off, it’s made a lot of end of the year awards from various publications (including RipTen’s Best Downloadable Game and Biggest Surprise):

Associated Press – Top 10 Games of the Year

Entertainment Weekly – Best Videogames of 2011

TIME – Top 10 Games of 2011

USA Today – Top 10 Games of 2011

NPR – Ten Best Video Games of 2011

CNN – Top 10 Video Games

Wired – Top 20 Best Games of the Year

Paste Magazine – Game of the Year

Boston Herald – Best Game of 2011

A.V. Club – 10 Best Games of 2011 – Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Video Games of 2011

Spike VGAs – Best Downloadable Game, Best Original Score, Best Song

Inside Gaming Awards – Best Downloadable Game, Best Indie Game, Best Original Score – Best XBLA Game

VentureBeat – Best Indie Games of 2011

Giant Bomb – Best Music, Best Debut Game, Best Downloadable Game, Top 10

TotalBiscuit – #1 Game of 2011

UGO – Best Downloadable Game of the Year

Yahoo – Best Downloadable Game

Game Informer – Best RPG Innovation (The Narrator)

Official Xbox Magazine – Best Music

GameSpot – Song of the Year

Team Xbox – XBLA Game of the Year

Quartertothree – Game of the Year

XBLA Fans – Best Audio, Best Visuals

Xbox 360 Achievements – Best Arcade Game

Rock Paper Shotgun – The Games of Christmas

IndieDB – Worldly Award for Best GameworldPlayers Choice Top 10

HorribleNight – Best Downloadable Game, Best Soundtrack, Indie Developer of the Year – Top 10 Indie Games of the Year

The Escapist – 12 Games of Christmas

Reaction Time – Best Downloadable, Best Voice Acting, Best Soundtrack

TrendyGamers – Downloadable GOTY – Best PC Game of 2011

XBLARatings – XBLA Game of the Year

Press X or Die – Game of the Year – Best Surprise Indie Darling

RipTen – Best Downloadable Game, Biggest Surprise

Reviews on the Run – Best Downloadable Game – Best Indie Game of the Year

gamrFeed – Best XBLA Game

Media Kick – Readers Choice, Best Downloadable Game

Kotaku Australia – Readers Choice, Indie Downloadable GOTY

Level Save – Game of the Year Pick

Click Online – Top 7 Pleasant Surprises

Piki Geek – Top 10 Best of the Year

nJoystic – Best Soundtrack

Press2Reset – Best Soundtrack, Best Song

The Sixth Axis – Best Downloadable Game

MiddleEast Gamers – Best Indie Game

Kotaku – Pick, Best Game Music of 2011

GamerCrash – Best Soundtrack

Gamercast – Top Downloadable Game

Bishop’s Gaming World – Best Soundtrack, Top 10 Games of the Year

Tom’s Hardware Turkey – Most Original Game, Best NarrativeBest Original Score


No surprise there, really. Bastion‘s one of this year’s best gameplay experiences. Here’s hoping that Supergiant Games keeps on churning out the good stuff in 2012.

Via [Supergiant Games Blog]