Matt Stone and Trey Parker are gods among men… media-wise, of course. Every form of entertainment they touch and actually try in, they turn into gold. “South Park”, “Team America: World Police, and “The Book of Mormon.” You’ve probably heard of all of them too some extent because they’ve been so god damn successful at each of those ventures.

Naturally, after your work has been nominated for (and for the most part won) Grammies, Tonies, Emmies, and Oscars, the next thing to do is make a venture into videogames and sweep up all the awards there.

Yes, there have been “South Park” games that were less than glamorous in the past, but that was because Stone and Parker weren’t holding the puppet strings. This time, they’re going to be at the helm of the creative process, steering Obsidian Entertainment to “South Park” glory. Ah. Too much?

Anyway, here are some screens of South Park; The Game. It looks… like “South Park.” Good. I see Stone and Parker are already creatively making good decisions. Oh and the character artwork: