Ah, the thrills of Resident Evil games of years past. A time before zombies had tentacles, Umbrella made for the ultimate evil corporation and gamers winched in fear with the site of an unstoppable Tyrant. Which is not to say that we all didn’t love the unique adventure of Resident Evil 4, but RE5 and many recent titles had taken the series away from its’ style and survival horror roots.

had promised to go back to the basics with  and this new trailer shows they intend to deliver. While you won’t see any actual gameplay in this fully CG trailer, it teases the possibilities of the unique squad-based survial gameplay and versus capabilities. What we do see is hordes of mindless zombies, Lickers, unique squad abilities, and a Tyrant.

Look for on March 20 in the US for the PS3 and 360. Check out the trailer below.