In case you missed her debut into the wonderful world of Skyrim, Malukah is an incredibly gifted singer who occasionally blesses YouTube with an acoustic cover of a well-known song. In December, the internet’s collective jaw fell to the floor as she sang “The Dragonborn Comes” to the bleary-eyed masses, who’d crossed the thresholds of their Skyrim caves to hear this beautiful arrangement. If Bethesda doesn’t know who she is by now, then they’re doing themselves a great disservice, as fans have already replaced the “Sons of Skyrim” menu theme with Malukah’s rendition.

Now, she returns to us from Winterhold, which is where I assume she lives, to sate us with another helping of talent and geekery. Kick back, relax, crank up the volume, and bask in the echo of “Age of Aggression.” Be ready, for something magical happens at 1:30.

What’s perhaps the best news of all is that her MP3s are free an available for download. Prepare thy iPods, world. Malukah is a’comin’.


  1. Hey, Stephanie! Thank you so much for this post and your kind words :) I’m really happy you liked the covers of Skyrim’s beautiful soundtrack. :D — Malu