Trekkies everywhere can rejoice, Star Trek Online is now a free-to-play experience. While some games thrive on the paid model (ahem…The Old Republic), more and more games are moving to the freemium model.

The move to free-to-play was announced back in September. Of course, there are perks to being a ‘Gold Member’ for $14.99/mo – things like extra character slots and ad-free voice chat – but the entire game is available to be played for free players as well. You can also purchase the premium features ala carte in the C-Store. There’s also the option to purchase a lifetime subscription for $299, if you’re really committed to the game.

If you thought the game looked interesting before, but didn’t want to get into something you’d be stuck paying for every month, now there’s no reason not to try the game out. If you want more info on the difference between paid and free, check out the Features Matrix on the official site.