Just as I was thinking that Mass Effect 2 cosplay was all but done, I run across this gem while ogling some Miranda cosplay.  Samara, the ancient and powerful Asari Justicar, has literally come to life.  Rana McAnear is the model in this photoshoot, and consequentially, she was also the model for the in-game Samara.

She, and ME2 fans, raised money to create and design the costume for a full-on Asari cosplay photo shoot.  The headpiece was made by The Mad Masker, and the suit was made by Claire Townsend.  They both are talented artists, as they were able to literally bring Samara to life.  The DarkStars Photography team are no strangers to the Mass Effect world – they did a rather breathtaking Miranda shoot a while back.  Their photoshop details really add to the cosplay shoots.  Enjoy the gallery, I’m going to get back to the Normandy so Samara can lecture me on my moral standing.