Kim Schmitz, also known as Kim Dotcom, recently arrested founder of recently indicted website MegaUpload, was apparently one heck of a Call of Duty player. Modern Warfare 3, is a fiercely competitive multiplayer game and Schmitz managed to rise to the top rank on the leaderboards for free for all on Xbox in it before his arrest. He posted a time-lapse video to celebrate and document that occasion, capturing his accumulation of 150,000 kills.

Regardless of the current suspect his actions with Megaupload are under, dude can shoot. That or he doesn’t sleep. That or he has a ridiculous amount of money and time, so if he decides he’s going to go be #1 on the leaderboards for the best selling game of all time with the largest multiplayer base of all time, he can. And he did. What’s even more amazing is that despite being arrested on Thursday, MEGARACER (Kim Dotcom’s gamertag) is still listed as #1, a rank he’ll surely lose if he ends up incarcerated for any extended period of time. If I were him, I’d be concerned that that I might have called a future inmate a on my quest to the top.

Modern Warfare 3 has a map pack coming out this week, if Schmitz is going to make a move now and somehow magically use the power of money to somehow aid himself, it’ll be soon. I wonder, are rich people at the top of every leaderboard? Who has more time and less responsibilities, jobless, despondent teens and adults leeching off someone or rich people who entire planets worth of money simply for owning something and existing at the same time (harder than it sounds)?

Either way, score one for rich dudes.

Via Venturebeat