Valve have today announced a free mobile app which is integrated with their digital distribution service, Steam.

The Steam app supports Steam friends and chat, viewing community groups and user profiles, gaming news, sale info and purchasing games, and viewing screenshots.

Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve, said:

The Steam app comes from many direct requests from our customers. Seeing which of your friends are online and playing a game, sending quick messages, looking at screenshots for an upcoming game, or catching a sale – these are all features customers have requested. Mobile is changing way people interact, play games and consume media, and the Steam app is part of our commitment to meet customer demands and expand the service functionality of Steam to make it richer and more accessible for everyone.

You can download the free app for Android or iOS here and link it to your Steam account. It is just a beta sign-up at the moment, however:

Those who wish to join the beta just need to download the Steam app (free of charge) and log in to their Steam account via the mobile app to express interest in the beta. Gamers will be added to the Closed Beta as the service ramps up.

And now for something completely different, courtesy of Chad: