She's gunning for you\

While we have featured a Samus before, I just cannot ignore Yukilefay’s full-armor rendition. She is an award-winning cosplayer hailing from Brazil, and man, does the girl crank out amazing costumes. Her Varia Suit is her most recognized piece, but she didn’t stop the Samus train. She even made the infamous Zero Suit.

Don't let the lack of gun fool you

Most of the armor was made from EVA, although the helmet and shoulder pads were made from fiberglass. All the details were carved into the armor in polystyrene and polyurethane, giving it the crisp, clear lines that you see on the high resolution photos. All of the painting was done with – shockingly – automotive paint. All of the lighting is provided by 73 LEDs. This is a fantastic Metroid Prime armor set. I will admit, I love armor jobs. But this is still one of the best I’ve come across.