In the latest monthly development update from the team at Funcom, the developers have outlined Age of Conan’s battle plan for 2012, with some shuffling taking place to the planned release schedule.

With the intent of catering to player requests, the development team will be adopting a more systems driven focus for the first half of the year.

Revamping trade skills is first on the list of intended updates, as the devs intend to redesign the system to be engaging and interesting with plenty of depth. The new trade skills system will attempt to emulate the more complex systems of first gen MMO’s rather than the point and click mechanics of the current generation.

Additionally, several quality of life improvements have been bumped up the schedule for a first half 2012 release. These include a “bank space increase, the stamina changes, the new dual-specification system, as well as the balancing and class ability changes.”

Once these projects are complete, AoC will shift gears to content production for the second half of the year.

You can read the full developer blog over at the official site.