Video games can be addictive. I’d hazard the vast majority of those reading this have an intimate knowledge of that fact. Even if you aren’t a gaming addict in a general sense, there is still probably one game where you had to collect every piece of coinfeather and complete the 300 journal recording entries or else you got the shakes and a cold sweat- it is just the nature of being  a gamer. There have been many solid studies and editorials about what exactly makes games so addictive and how the rise in achievement based gameplay over the last handful of years has helped accelerate these tendencies.

Still, the grandaddy of them all is World of Warcraft. Okay, well, the grandaddy is probably Starcraft, but the daddy is definitely World of Warcraft. Either way it is one addiction enabling family.

In fact, the King of Ripten himself Chad Lakkis overcame his very own WoW addiction so he could become the powerhouse he is today. So the odds are that you too can relate in some way to Anthony Rosnar’s “IRL – In Real Life.” In it, he lays his own addiction on the table and shows the sacrifices he made in order to satiate it. More importantly, it shows his journey to overcoming the addiction and gaining control over his life. It is pretty inspiring and could be a nice little kick in the Paladin for people who may want to kick their own habit.

My addiction you ask?

Cheetahmen II. My world is a bleak one.