In the latest developer blog for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Executive Producer Rich Vogel details the process of locating and fixing bugs, as well as preventing exploits.

BioWare employs a dedicated Live Support team consisting of of on-call engineers, designers, artists, and producers, who are available 24/7 to work on and resolve issues that crop up in SWTOR. Additionally, their in-game metrics tools allow the development team to pinpoint exploiters and determine the steps required to counter game-breaking problems.

Certain bugs can be harder to replicate than others, meaning those bugs which are more commonly experienced are likely to be addressed swiftly, while the more obscure or rare instances require a greater amount of effort to solve. In regards to response time, Vogel has the following to say:

Please remember, if we don’t respond publicly to a bug that does not mean we are not going to fix it. We want to make sure we provide a good playing experience to our players. That is why we have a large team of people working every day to bug fix and remove exploits from the game.

The blog is a fairly lengthy one, and you can read it in its entirety here.