I really hate politics. At least, I hate the way politics actually work in this country. I won’t bore you with the details of my political belief system or how inherently corrupt essentially all of our everything is right now, but let’s just say I’m probably to the left of Rudolf Rocker at this point. So,  to say I greatly enjoy Stephen Colbert’s thorough mocking of the power corporations and the extremely wealthy have over our elections would be an understatement. He does this through the “Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow” super PAC which is only a slightly dumber name than any of the other ones around. They should all just be called “Bend Over and Take This Proles” but I guess politics was never big on truth and transparency.

Of course, this doesn’t have anything to do with video games on the surface, but today the New York Times decided to actually act like journalists and put out a piece on who is financing the various bullshit super PACs that Citizen United enabled to destroy our democracy. It is about what you would expect for most of them. Wall Street puppets for Romney, Texans who don’t actually care about Texas for Perry, Jon Huntsman’s actual daddy for Jon Huntsman, and it goes on. The most surprising name though, is Alex Rigopolus- a name you might recognize as the head of Harmonix. While his $9,600 bucks to Colbert’s super PAC pales in comparison to the millions of dollars being passed around by big business, Christian hate groups, and incestuously swapped back and forth by other super PACs in a sort of “two Super PACs one donation” thing, it is still enough to make him the top donor to a good cause- a cause that shines a light on just how awful money in politics has really gotten.

Maybe I’ll take back all the bad things I said about Rock Band 3.