Activision has finally let Sony and its PS3 into the Modern Warfare 3 DLC club, or, at least the bouncer has given them an estimated seating time. The first map pack for Modern Warfare 3, which includes Piazza and Liberation, will finally be available on PS3 on February 28. That is, for Call of Duty: Elite members. So if you’re not one of those people, then you get to wait even longer! How ridiculous it is that not only does PS3 have to wait for the maps, even the people who are paying a bunch of money to get things early still have to wait. Oh man. How silly.

At the very least, Activision has put out a nice resource for people who are looking to know when maps and missions are coming out for Modern Warfare 3 in the form of their content calendar. Stare at it while you PS3-players wait another four weeks for your maps.


    •  Well sucks to be you maybe you should trade that ps3 or your for a 360 I really dont car the $5 a month for better game play more people and NO HACKER compare to ps3. if you’re too damn broke to pay 60 bucks a year maybe you shouln’t have a console and get a better job

      My 2 Cents

      • Suck it. Xbox is garbage. I went through 3 Xboxes with ring of death. I have owned Both at the same time. I have always only had 1 PS3. Had to replace My xbox 3 times until i finally just said “never again” Finally traded my WORKING old PS3 for a slim. And Xbox has just as much glitchers and hackers as playstation does. Also just because you can afford 60 dollars, doesnt mean you should throw it away on Xbox live. Playstation has been and always will be number 1. 

  1. Yes it is a joke. But at least we pay less still. There is a bright side! But on February 28th all my time will be devoted to owning the mountains in SSX