Ah, Biochem. No crew skill has been more contentious. You were the little crew skill that could, and because you were so plucky, you were swiftly embraced by the raiding masses.

And then you were nerfed.

The masses cried out in thoughtful despair: “WTF BioWare, Rakata Medpacs are useless now!”

To these voices rose the clamor of others who had not experienced Biochem’s sweet embrace, but envied it nonetheless. “Needs to be nerfed even more,” said they.

And thus it was.

In the latest upcoming  patch notes for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Biochem unique Rakata stims and adrenals have been reduced in power, now equivalent to their Energized counterparts. The offset is that Energized and Exotech stims and adrenals are no longer bound to Biochemists, meaning they can be transferred and most importantly sold to other players. While this change isn’t likely to please everyone, it does position enterprising Biochemists for a windfall of credits in the weeks following patch 1.1.2.

Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller also confirmed that other crew skills would be tinkered with in the future to make them as attractive at end-game as Biochem has been. Zoeller has had a busy day on the forums, elaborating on the following patch note which caused some controversy:

The number of commendations in Champion and Battlemaster Bags has been greatly increased, and the direct item trade tokens appear less frequently in Champion Bags. This change allows players to obtain PvP gear at a steady and significantly more predictable rate with an occasional bonus.

The patch note left many wondering how this would be an improvement when it came to gearing up for PvP, as Champion bags currently only reward Centurion commendations which a chance at a random piece of Champion gear. The prospect of a reduced chance at the superior Champion gear left players up in arms. Fortunately, Zoeller stepped in to clarify.

It’s obvious from comments here that the patch note is not specific enough, so we’ll get it updated before the patch goes to the live servers. Here are some specifics:

Champion Bags now always contain 15 Centurion Commendations AND 7 Champion Commendations. Battlemaster Bags now always contain 15 Champion Commendations. So Centurion gearing up progression for new level 50s is increased significantly and Champion gearing up progression will be steady.

The cost of Champion and Centurion items are NOT changing.

This is a great change, as it will make gearing for PvP considerably less frustrating and time consuming. Further changes, including extractable base mods from purple items, ranked Warzones, critical crafting successes on orange outfits, more bind-on-equip schematic drops for artifice and other professions, increased relevance of augments and a better reverse engineering chance are currently planned for the next major content patch in Game Update 1.2.

For the full patch notes and other developer comments, visit the SWTOR forums.


  1. It sure is a shame the patches don’t actually fix anything.

    I’m serious.  They claim to fix something or add something in, and it isn’t there.  It is driving everyone playing the game absolutely crazy.