Konami seems to be doing very well, managing a $73 million profit in December and upping their prediction for this fiscal year.

In the first six months of the fiscal year Konami made 11.5b Yen ($151.1m) profit, and 123.1b Yen ($1.617b) in revenue. That grew to 194.522b Yen ($2.556b) revenue and 17.046b Yen ($224m) profit in the three months that followed. From this, we can see that Konami made $940m in revenue in the month of December, and nearly $73m profit.

Previously the company had predicted 258b Yen ($3.39b) revenue and 18.5b Yen ($243m) profit, but it has now changed this forecast. Konami now hopes revenue will rise to 265b Yen ($3.48b) and profit to 22.0b Yen ($289m).

There are lots more numbers to read and be confused by on the full report here (pdf).

There’s an interesting chart in there which lists the breakdown by genre- and brilliantly “Metal Gear” is listed as its own genre.

Via [VGChartz]