There has been a lot of back and forth about the impact of violence, particularly that found in videogames, on young minds.

Regardless of whether you believe that violence in gaming has a significant, negative impact, there is another, related issue that is equally important: should parents have the right to determine what entertainment their children experience? 38 Studios Founder and Chairman, Curt Schilling, took a stand for parental rights during an on-air conversation with Boston radio station, 98.5 The Sports Hub, personalities Felger and Mazz.

During the talk, Schilling revealed that he lets his children play violent video games when answering whether he would let his kids play his studio’s imminent release, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

“I live with a family who understands the differences between a videogame and real life,” Schilling responded.

As a parent, I find this refreshing. While my wife might not like to hear it, there are times when my kids (7 and 3) happen to see me playing something violent. My opinion, and you are free to disagree, is that with everything put in the proper context, there is no problem with most content. I wouldn’t let my kids see graphic mutilation or sexual content, but things that live in the realm of PG-13 are typically acceptable, just not alone.

What do you think? Is #38 making a mistake or is he simply exercising his parental privilege?

Source: /gamer