It would be hard to argue that the 3DS was well-received in the US. Nintendo didn’t provide a compelling reason to upgrade to the new system at launch; no Mario, no Zelda, no Pokemon. The support continued to be abysmal, with some of the biggest titles for the system being remakes of N64 games. While Star Fox and Ocarina of Time were great additions to the library of games, they are remakes of 10 year old games and not flagship titles. It wasn’t until late last year that titles such as Mario Kart and Mario 3D Land hit the console and provided a good reason to own the system.

Now we’re in 2012, and the horizon is looking much brighter for 3DS owners. With games like a real Resident Evil title coming to the system and Metal Gear Solid 3D not far behind, there are definitely a selection for the more mature audience. Kid Icarus is looking to be another solid title as well, and all of these are being released in the space of just 2 months; it’s making me start to eye my wallet and wish it were a little fatter.

Argue all you want, the addition of the second circle pad will be a good thing in the long run for the 3DS (though the Gamestop exclusive part of the equation is a bit concerning). Having two sticks is a must for most modern gaming setups, and the fact that it was omitted originally was another flaw in the 3DS’ design in the beginning. At least the Big N can admit that it made a mistake and provide a peripheral to remedy it.

One thing that would give the 3DS a boost would be the addition of 3D movies to the Netflix library already available on the system. The tech is there, all ready to go. While you may disagree about 3D movies in general, you’ll have to admit that they are becoming ever more prevalent, and people are paying to go see them. Having that experience as a portable would definitely help to move systems and be a cool selling point for Netflix on the device.

Is all of this enough to compete with Sony’s shiny new Vita? Time will tell. Nintendo is definitely doing a lot of things right with the 3DS, and 2012 just might be the year the system really shines.


  1. 2D Mario, Monster Hunter 3G+4, Fire Emblem. Bravely Default Flying Fairy, Zelda 3DS, Mario Tennis, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Paper Mario 3D, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and more truly will make this the year of the 3DS.

  2. Nintendo has got this in the bag as always. Soon Dragon Quest games will be out and that’s 100mil for Japan alone. Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Kid Icarus, and what does Vita have but Uncharted and Little Big Planet-sorry got a little fan boyish there. Anyway can’t wait for what’s to come.

  3. I must say the reasons and points by this author as to why supposedly 2012 is Nintendo’s year are quite limited and vague. You’re saying the 3DS has a solid base because of original titles like Mario? Come on man, it’s the same shizzam. Kid Icarus, and what else…………? I have no love or hate against the 3DS. But the main point is; the PSVita by Sony is incomparable to the 3DS because the PSV is over 9000 times better.

    And time will punch you in the face with the message.